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Can Your Critical Communications Handle Future Multimedia Demands?

We are in a digital society where the use of multimedia applications is everywhere and everyone has access to the facilities to capture photographs and video as well as voice. With the capabilities of their smartphones, the public can copy, post, and share or exchange data with anyone. Most of this does not concern public safety agencies, but we all know that often the data or information captured, by the public or by officers themselves, during incidents or major events like disasters, can be crucial for the first responder heading towards an incident or for the investigation team charged with solving the crime.

Other public safety agency staff also need access to this data and need to share it quickly and efficiently through their already established control rooms. It is time we all upgraded our capabilities so the public can easily send public safety agencies information, so agencies can quickly and efficiently handle this new phenomenon we call multimedia.

The right solutions can help your control room staff, and your wider agency departments, to connect to people directly, facilitating the capture and sharing of information. Thereby increasing the efficiencies of traditional processes, and even creating new processes that speed up incident response, reaction to events and the investigation and resolution of incidents whether it be crime, social disorder, or the everyday demands of the three main emergency agencies: Police, Fire & Rescue and Medical services.

ICT Facilitates Command System Development

C2: The most basic command & control between the agency and the public.

C3I: Wireless communications technologies have been added to the command system and can play a vital role to ensure that the dispatch commands are reachable and can handle and share information and intelligence.

C4ISR: With computer-aided dispatching and fixed video surveillance systems as the main technical features, command system is more effective – giving the capabilities of surveillance and recognisance.

C-C4ISR: We believe that collaboration is the way forward. Using modern ICT systems like Mission Critical Communication System solutions that can manage the demands of modern cities making mobile video onsite visible, and giving a fully integrated collaborative command & control, including dispatch with a range of broadband applications, greatly improves efficiency.

Information sharing and task collaboration at any time and any place is becoming the developmental trend of command & control systems, and this evolution will promote the need for further convergence of ICT in the future.


Command & Control: From Analogue to LTE

Following the development of modern services in control rooms and the need for further convergence of legacy and new ICT technologies, public safety critical communication needs to evolve rapidly.

To ensure that control room personnel can make appropriate dispatching choices and decision makers can make key decisions based upon up to date and relevant information, data needs to be shared between on-scene teams and the control room staff of all the agencies involved in the management of the incident or event. Therefore, broadband wireless technology is essential for next-generation command systems.

By using the latest wireless technologies, end-to-end broadband critical communication solutions can fully meet requirements for secure communication with ease of prioritization and authentication.

Meeting Your Multimedia Demands Now and In the Future

eLTE MCCS solutions provide the ability to connect across mobile broadband, narrowband, and analogue services to satisfy the requirements of operations staff during the entire event handling process whatever network or device they may be using – true collaborative communications.

In addition to handling major events, eLTE MCCS also provides a wealth of services and applications for the routine daily work needs of different public safety agencies who want or may need to connect to a broadband dedicated private network or connect through a public broadband service.

Learn more about (1) Huawei’s eLTE MCCS solution and how it can ensure your command system is ready for the future multimedia demands and (2) Huawei OpenLab – a way we can work with you and your chosen partners to develop, innovate, test and prepare implementation solutions for your future next generation control rooms.



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