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New Marketing Tools Make It Easier Than Ever to Reach Consumers in China

Cracking the Chinese market has just become easier thanks to new marketing tools revealed today at Lions Innovation, part of the annual Cannes Lions festival, by global e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. Live data from the world’s biggest consumer class – Chinese consumers — can now be analysed in detail by businesses through Alibaba’s Uni Marketing system. The information can be used to not only learn about customers, but segment them, enabling more relevant and continuous consumer connection and engagement.


Alibaba’s Uni Marketing framework is a complete product portfolio powered by a robust infrastructure that enables brands to have control of end-to-end brand building. The unique set of marketing tools are built on Alibaba’s ability to capture and analyse live data from across its vast ecosystem, and transfer it into structures that enable brands to explore the behavioral patterns of Chinese consumers. In turn, brands can use this data to power new, more targeted and effective brand building activities based on real-time data.

Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer at Alibaba Group, says “Uni Marketing differentiates itself from other marketing tools by using the entire Alibaba ecosystem to inform businesses about their consumers, allowing them to target more effectively. By combining its massive data assets, businesses can identify, segment and build tailored content for the best results. By revolutionizing data-driven marketing, Alibaba is evolving into a more strategic and sustainable brand-building platform.”

The framework is made up of four key parts:

  1. Brand Databank: underpinning the entire framework, it turns consumer data into actionable insights by aggregating the information, analyzing it and making it accessible to brands. It is also fully integrated with the rest of the Uni Marketing applications.
  2. Uni Strategy: enables brands to effectively segment consumers across a myriad of touchpoints and through various channels to provide a complete picture of consumer behavior
  3. Uni Communication: a media planning and ad-serving tool which takes information from across leading online Chinese media and feeds it back into the databank, allowing media agencies to support brands and improve marketing capabilities
  4. Uni Operation: brands can create and deliver personalized content and manage consumer relationships effectively across a range of touchpoints

Uni Marketing will transform the way businesses do marketing and help to address critical challenges around customer targeting, relevant communication and return on investment. Brand relationships will change, with consumers becoming more aware and more interested, which will transform into purchase and ultimately, loyalty.



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