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China Mobile and Huawei Hold Network Experience Index Forum in Shanghai

At Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai) 2018, China Mobile and Huawei jointly held the Network Experience Index (NEI) Forum. During the forum, they introduced the NEI, a network assessment model that applies classic indexing theory to quantify the network experience of users. Using scientific methodology centered on AI algorithms and big data, the NEI helps operators make more informed business decisions and bring a better digital experience to users.

China Mobile and Huawei jointly held the Network Experience Index (NEI) Forum.

Over the past several decades, progress in ICT has changed lives around the world. Today, operator network capabilities are continuing to evolve, driven by the emergence of advanced technologies, the widening range of applications, and diverse customer demands. In an era defined by 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage growing network complexity, large numbers of assessment criteria, and a lack of unified standards for assessing user experience. Since user experience is now the key to productivity, operators urgently need an experience-oriented network index to adapt to the changes and needs in this new era.

The NEI utilizes scientific methodology founded on four major innovative technologies. It uses AI to ensure selection of indicators, weightings, and thresholds are scientific and network management is realistic. Data mining is used to evaluate the correlation between indicators and user perceptions, and data is also collected from devices, networks, and the cloud, so that the indicators can be more accurate to guide operations.

Speaking at the NEI Forum, Li Huidi, Executive Vice President of China Mobile Limited, explained that the NEI applies advanced models and algorithms, and selected key indicators to identify the major network bottlenecks. It applies classic indexing theory to quantify the network experience. First, it is used in the assessment of network quality, to identify weak points and guide operations. Second, it can be integrated into monitoring processes, to drive day-to-day network optimization and ensure network stability. Third, it can be used for benchmarking against leading global telecom operators, and serve as a role model for experience sharing. Fourth, it can be used to gain insights into network bottlenecks, to guide value-driven network deployment.

As the industry develops and user needs evolve, the need for indexes that reflect shared ideas, optimize standards, and guide manufacturing will become more pronounced. Touching on the future of the NEI, Li added, “We will work openly with peers from across the industry to build a partner alliance that is innovation-driven, secure, and trusted. With these partners, we can continue to optimize the NEI, and work together to set global standards for network experience. This will help the telecom industry achieve greater prosperity, and meet the people’s increasing needs for a better life.”

The NEI can help telecom operators create systems that assess network development, and ensure networks are built in a way that maximizes value for user experience. Speaking about the implementation of the NEI at China Mobile, a representative from China Mobile’s Network Department noted that the NEI has been successfully validated and applied in the company’s day-to-day work. Using the index, China Mobile has effectively improved user experience.

Michele Zarri, technical director at GSMA, also expressed positive support for the NEI, noting that GSMA will promote the application of the NEI across the global telecom industry. He added that GSMA will use the NEI as an important supplement to the GSMA Network Economic Model.

Speaking at the NEI Forum about building the ecosystem, Huawei Board Chairman Dr. Hua Liang noted that “Huawei is dedicated to openness, collaboration, and innovation. We are working together to grow the industry ecosystem. We are pursuing ongoing innovation with telecom operators and the entire value chain. We will continue to invest in customer experiences, digital technologies, tools, platforms, and professional teams, to enable the ICT industry to go digital.”

Huawei will continue to work with China Mobile, GSMA, and global partners to build alliances, sharing the methodologies and approaches of digital transformation, and jointly promoting continued shared success across the global telecom industry.



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